mdia helps you to archive and share your photos.

mdia screenshot

mdia made for you if you:

  • want to share photos with friends and family
  • are concerned about privacy, everything private by default
  • want to archive your photos easily

Questions? Email: or WhatsApp +498914342806

Share with Friends and Family

Invite your Friends and share memories with each other. Only invited users can view images in a space.

Access Everywhere

You can access your photos via a phone, browser or filesystem.

Pay as you go

You will only pay for what you use, so you will most likely pay less in the long run. That said you'll start paying with your first image.

Easy extendable

If you do not want to trust AWS, you can add additional logic with code.

First class support

We are small and we want to make sure everyone using our platform is happy. Something is not working? Just shoot us an email.